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There are many different professional exams for the finance and accounting industry. Some of them include the CPA, CMA, CFA, CIA, and PMP exams. All of these credentials prove that the holders are capable of moving forward with their careers, professional responsibilities, and encourage employers to hire and promote them.

Certified public accountants earn more than $1,000,000 than their non-certified counterparts over the course of their careers. The fact is that professional certifications are the only way to improve your pay, position, and career in the accounting and finance industry in a short period of time.

That is why I started Robbie Lobell Test Prep Review. I wanted to provide a place where candidates of all accounting and finance exams can go to learn what they need to do to pass their exams and further their careers in a short period of time.

Professional tests are difficult and most people spend months and hundreds of hours studying for them just to find out that they failed and have to retake the test several times over. Don’t be like these people. Use my resources and the trusted ones that I’ve found online to help make sure that you don’t fail your exams and you can move on with your career.

Go ahead. Take the first step to improving your career and life with a professional certification. You won’t regret it!

Top Rated Course For Certified Public Accountants

There are many different review prep courses for the CPA exam, but there are only a few good ones. Tons of candidates end up paying for courses that they have a hard time using and even end up hating before their study time is over with. Trust me. You don’t want to be one of these candidates. You want something that is going to work for your schedule and your study style. Otherwise, you are going to be fighting your study guide the whole way rather than letting it help you along the way. Let’s get into what makes a study guide good.

A cpa prep course is good when it covers all of the important topics covered on the exam but doesn’t go into a ton of detail about each topic. There are a few companies that do that. They go into a 20 page discussion about why certain accounting treatments are used for a specific situation. This is not only completely unnecessary, it’s also counter productive. There’s no reason to be reading and learning from 20 pages when all you need to know is that one treatment is preferred over the other. Keep that mind. Longer guides are not always better guides. Sometimes they are worse.

The next thing that makes a guide one of the best cpa review courses is it’s study bank. The multiple-choice questions are the most important thing on the exam. They count for over two thirds of your overall grade and can make you pass or fail. That’s why you need a study guide with as many questions as possible. That’s why we recommend the Wiley CPA test bank. It has plenty of questions, so you won’t be answering the same ones multiple times. Thus, you won’t be memorizing answers instead of memorizing concepts.

That’s part of what you need to look for in a good review. We’ll post again about other things you should consider before you purchase anything. We hope this helps. Good luck on exam day!

CPA Study Strategies

Thousands of people try to take and pass the CPA exam every single year and fail because they don’t know how to study and what strategies they can use to pass the exam. To some people test taking is pretty simple, while other people have a very difficult time even holding their concentration that long. That’s why I wanted to write this short article. I wanted to share three strategies that anyone can use to pass the exam. Here they are.

Number 1: Manage Your Time

Every standardized test is time and the Certified Public Accountant exam is no different. If you spend too much time on one question, you will lose valuable time that you could be using to answer other questions. Try to figure out the answer after you read the question. If you can’t figure it out right away, read the question again. If you are still unsure, flag it and come back to it later. Don’t waste time and fun the risk of not getting through all of the questions.

Number 2: Don’t Take a Break

During your testing period, you can leave the room and to take a break or use the bathroom. Don’t! This is just a waste of time. Plan to take a bathroom break before you walk into the testing center. Your testing time is ticking when you leave your testing room. The longer you are gone for the less time you have to actually take the test. Don’t waste your time going to the bathroom. Make sure you go before you enter the room. Plan to sit in the room for at least 4 hours without having to visit a rest room.

Number 3: Get a CPA Review Course

A lot of people fail the exam multiple times because they simply don’t study for it. You can’t necessarily blame them for not studying everything that’s covered on the exam if they don’t know what’s actually going to be on it, right? Well, that’s what exam review courses come in. One of the best courses is Roger’s test prep. This review course offers a full length study guide that will help anyone pass. Another great course is the Fast Forward review by Fast Forward Academy. Both of these guides will help candidates understand what they need to learn in order to pass the exam.

There you have it. There are the three main strategies for passing the CPA exam on your first try. If you follow these three things, you will be well on your way to becoming a certified public accountant.